- 22 Oct 2016 -

Hong Kong International Top Tasters Competition 2016

I joined the team in Madison Wines to take part in the Annual Hong Kong International Top Tasters Competition (HITT) 2016 sponsored by the Drinks Business & Acker Merral Condit. The competition was well attended includng wine merchants such as Berry Bros & Rudd and Hong Kong Wine Society. There were a total of 56 tasters organized into 14 teams comprised of of 4 people each. Within an hour, each team had to decipher the origin of 12 wines and prepare tasting notes for each...

We had a fun time working together as a group, and we had even more fun after the competition given there were many more wines for us to enjoy in the evening banquet and charity wine auction. We were shocked to find out we won first place in the competition!! There were many generous sponsors which offered prizes for the top 3 winning teams...we were thrilled to find out our team was offered a complimentary guided tour to visit a chateau in the sweet wine region of Bordeaux sponsored by the Cru Classe de Sauternes & Barsac!

; Burgundy...A Comparative Tasting