- 17 Dec 2016 -

A Night of Sy-rah-nade

What better way to warm up in the festive season than a glass of your favorite tipple and the only other wine I can think of other than a glass of bubbly is a bold and fleshy red. By overwhelming majority the IWFS in Beijing decided the way to go is Shiraz... and lots of it! And we want it to be fun so blind tasting it is of the Syrah and Shiraz of the world.

Just to be different and difficult we want to pair the wines mostly with Chinese cuisine all the way. With the support of Chef Au Yeung in the Park Hyatt Beijing team we surprised and delighted all members!

My favourite was a long time favorite of Cantonese cuisine of hot pot rice with Chinese sausage and a pot of Bak-Kut-Teh which gave away Chef Au Yeung's Singaporean heritage. The Chinese herbs, leather and sweet tobacco aromas and flavours were a perfect pair in bringing out the tertiary characteristics of the 1998 D'Arenburg Dead Arm Shiraz and 1997 Jaboulet's La Chapelle.

No meal is complete without some sweetness to round it off. The versatility of Shiraz was exemplified in Penfold's Rare 20 YO Grandfather Tawny port which jammy red fruit and chocolatey notes found its way into our dessert of raspberry and dark chocolate tart.


; WSET Awards & Graduation Ceremony 2017 & My Scholarship!