- 25 Nov 2016 -

A Time to give Thanks

I chickened out this year and decided not to do the usual all day preparation for Thanksgiving before our guests descended in the house for an evening of celebration and giving thanks.

I decided to ask my partner in crime Chef Song to give me a helping hand so I can focus my energy on the wine pairing - what a feeble excuse! I am embarrassed to say ever since I started my wine journey, I automatically switch to wine selection mode for any occasion possible. If I could have my way, I always choose the wine I want to try, then I come up with the food that pairs well with it!

Given the occasion is Thanksgiving, and most of our guests are Americans looking for some traditional home cooked fare to wean themselves off nostalgia being a long way away from home, I decided to go more conservative with my choices.



; A Night of Sy-rah-nade