- 18 Nov 2016 -

Burgundy...A Comparative Tasting

Burgundy - a word which conjures so much emotions and memories for wine lovers, experts and students alike, I say no more. But I had always wanted to do something different for a group of wine aficionados in Beijing. So I turned to my mates in The Georg and decide to put together an evening to remember.

We so often focus on the Grand Crus, the notable Premier Crus and producers who make headline news along with their wines which go for astronomical prices. I often question how many of us really feel we made an informed decision in choosing a quality wine and is confident that the premium we paid for it is justified?

With my mentor Matthew Stubbs MW in town, I thought there is no better way to explore this question with our group of wine lovers by curating an event on A Comparative Tasting of the Quality Differences of selected Grand Crus & Premier Crus in the Côte d'Or.

We started the evening with a formal tasting in the Georg Jensen gallery in a private space on the top floor of The Georg.

This was followed by dinner in the private area in the Main Dining Room with more Burgundian wines carefully paired with a five course menu reflective of a Nordic touch. For each pair of wines served before each course, we were fortunate enough to have Matt introduce  them through a guided tasting where he drew out the differences of each wine as we compare and contrast the pair side by side. I always find the most systematic way of learning wine is combine theory knowledge with tasting to follow. In this case, a well paired food course to embed that taste profile in our minds.





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