- 09 Feb 2017 -

Wine Tasting Event in Hong Kong

Creating a formal wine tasting event for a group of partners from the Asia offices of a magic circle firm is no easy task as you know for a fact their analytical caps are on the moment they walk through the door. The task at hand was to create an interesting event for 45 minutes max for the group which needs to be awakened after 4 days of meetings. The icing on the cake is the subject being Fine & Rare Wines, as always there is a budget to adhere to! The worst part is the only thing which stands between their full day at the office and dinner is yours truly! 

Actually, it was a most fun and enjoyable event. I had as much fun as the participants who gave me such a warm welcome, it was so  encouraging to see their eyes lit up when trying different wines. I could not be more thrilled with the questions they asked drawing on their own experiences.  

I should have guessed there weren't much use of the spittoons, which was a rather encouraging sign! I say mission accomplished as they were adequately warmed up having consumed more than the conventional share of aperitifs....the dinner was off to a great start!  

; Bespoke Wine Event in Beijing